Cashew DW Peri-Peri (1kg)


Ingredients:  Cashews, Sunflower oil, Peri Peri spice (Maize, Starch, Salt, Spices, E621, E635, Corn starch, Hydrolysed vegetable protein, Vegetable powders, Free flow agent, Colourants, Acids, Natural flavouring)

Preservatives:  None

Allergens:  Tree nuts, Soybean derivatives.  May contain traces of Ground nuts, Sulphites, Gluten, Milk derivatives.

Product of Vietnam, Mozambique, Madagascar



Nutritional Value Amount per serving (Serving size 100g)
Energy 2401 kJ
Protein 15,3 g
Sugar 5 g
Carbohydrates 32,7 g
Dietary Fibre 3 g
Sodium 640 mg

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